These 5 Nashville Sushi Places Will Have You Whipping Out Your Chopsticks

Featured Image Credit: Virago / Facebook

We all have that one friend who is particular about his/her sushi. The best recommendations come from those friends, or the locals. With Taste, locals vote on their favorite places in the Taste App, creating an unbiased list of local favorite restaurants. Set your favorites on the Taste IOS app.

Authentic sushi runs wild in the Nashville area with a ton of interesting and unexpected options to satisfy that lunch, dinner or late night craving. Go the traditional sushi route in certain neighborhoods or try trendy, innovative fusions in others. There is no shortage of sushi places to break open your chopsticks, rub them excitedly together, and dig in with absolute delight.

1. Virago
Virago is not just about the sushi – although the sushi is carefully prepared and delicious. It’s about the thrill you feel once you walk through their doors.The contemporary lounge setting mixed with innovative cuisine makes Virago the number one spot for not only high-class sushi, but a transcendental and exclusive dining experience.

2. PM
This Asian-fusion restaurant is filled to the nines with fresh and authentic cuisine. Located in the trendy Belmont neighborhood, PM caters to all kinds of crowds ready to enjoy a low key evening with a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. If you’re feeling bold, try the sushi pizza or there is always a variety of sushi from their top-notch sushi bar.

3. Samurai Sushi
Samurai Sushi is winning awards right and left for their excellent handmade sushi. Both sushi virgins or veterans will take delight in their inventive flavor pairings. Reviewers suggest trying their Ninza, Crazy, pr Volcano rolls if you haven’t already. Though chances are, if you’re a real local, you already have.

4. Wild Ginger
This family owned restaurant is thriving in Franklin. With a cool mixture of Pan-Asian, South American, and Western cuisine, they fuse together exciting flavors that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. With an ingenious collection of sushi, Wild Ginger is worth making the trek for.Image Credit: Wild Ginger / Facebook

5. Nomzilla Sushi Et. Cetera
Watch out, it’s Nomzilla! He’s come to destroy everything you thought you knew about sushi and reconstructing it into something fresh, creative and unique. It’s always interesting to revisit Nomzilla Sushi Et. Cetera, as they keep coming up with new and exciting concoctions.Image Credit: Nomzilla Sushi Et. Cetera / Facebook

See more local favorites at www.tastefavorites.com.

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