6 Nashville Restaurants That Will Have you Dreaming of Pizza

Let’s be real: if we could have pizza every night of the week and get away with it, we would. Fortunately, Nashville has no shortage of exciting and authentic pizza joints. From fancy and innovative to mouthwateringly simplistic, Nashville is home to some of the most awe-inspiring pizza artists. Here are the top six of the area, and why they will leave you constantly longing for more. To vote on your favorite places, download the Taste app for IOS.

1. DeSano Pizza Bakery
Finding authentic italian pizza is like finding a needle in a haystack. Sure, places claim to have the perfect pizza pie, but the proof is in that first bite. At DeSano Pizza Bakery, there’s no need to boast. They know what they have and they have it in spades. One look at their Pizza Napoletana being put into their hand-made wood burning oven and it’s obvious why they are number one on our list.

Featured Image Credit: DeSano Pizza Bakery / Facebook

2. Five Points Pizza
Fly from Italy to New York with Five Points Pizza. Large pizza-by-the-slice, stromboli, and entire pies, this pizza joint is thriving with delicious ingredients and a no-frills approach to mouth watering excellence.

3. Two Boots Nashville
Two Boots is nothing if not a party. With weekly concerts, inventive pizzas, and a laid back atmosphere, Two Boots won’t give two bones about who shows up, as long as you love pizza and you want to have an enjoyable time with awesome folks.Image Credit: Two Boots Nashville / Facebook

4. 312 Pizza Company
You haven’t truly lived until you tried a Chicago deep dish pizza. Unfortunately, not everyone can fly to Chicago, especially just for pizza. Luckily, 312 Pizza Company creates a spectacular deep dish. Delighting in quality ingredients while captivating your senses, this place will keep you coming back always and forever.

Image Credit: 312 Pizza Company / Facebook

5. MAFIAoZA’S Pizzeria
You don’t have to be part of the mafia to get the family treatment. In MAFIAoZA’s, you are surrounded by authentic eats, mafia-themed pizza, and a wide selection of beverages. Try the Brass Knuckles with spicy wing sauce, or better yet, The Last Request – filled to the rim with meats, veggies, and jalapenos.Image Credit: MAFIAoZA’S Pizzeria / Facebook

6. Soulshine Pizza Factory
Is there anything more soul-filling than a heavenly slice of pizza? At Soulshine Pizza Factory, the ambience is rocking with the music loft that supports musicians, gourmet pizzas and highly attractive calzones.


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