Top 10 Trendy Coffee Shops in Nashville and Why They are Awesome

Drinking coffee these days is an experience – especially when you’re surrounded with high-quality, locally sourced coffee around every corner. It’s not just the coffee that makes these Nashville coffee shops unique. It’s the atmosphere, attitudes and partnerships made on a local and global level. Nashville may be considered the “Music City”, but after visiting these top ten coffee shops, you’ll definitely consider Nashville a coffee city as well. Are you a “coffee snob?” Whether you are or aren’t, you get to vote on your favorite places in the Taste IOS app.


CREMA is the cream of the crop for a reason. The attention to detail is astounding, even down to the hand carved old lumber bar you’ll see once you walk in. In 2007, Rachel and Ben had a dream of creating an ultimate coffee experience. They took everything they knew about coffee and partnered with coffee farmers, culinary institutions, and the community to create ethically sound, and super delicious coffee. CREMA is a labor of love, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Featured Image Credit: CREMA / Facebook

2. Steadfast Coffee

Steadfast Coffee takes an almost scientific approach to creating the perfect cup of joe. Their creative concoctions include: Flash-chilled coffee that locks in flavor from traditional hot-brewed coffee in a cool beverage, or rested drinks made with espresso and milk that age, creating delightfully complex notes. Steadfast Coffee is the land of sophisticated and unexpected flavor.
Image Credit: Steadfast Coffee / Facebook

3. The Well Coffeehouse

With a noble cause in mind, the Well Coffeehouse is combating poverty on a global scale with every cup. The love doesn’t stop there: between exceptional seasonal drinks and hand poured coffee, The Well is creating delicious beverages that reflect their goals in a big way. Their mission statement says it all, “We love coffee. We love people even more.”

4. Barista Parlor

Character: this is what Barista Parlor has in spades. Working with local artists, bakeries, businesses and farms, this is a true-blue Nashville institution. Beautiful retro-themed illustrations surround Barista Parlor’s merch, and customers can’t get enough of their coffee, chocolate and biscuit delights.
Image Credit: Barista Parlor / Facebook

5. Fido

Like the name suggests, Fido caters to your canine companion. With plenty of outdoor seating for you and your furry friend, you can browse the seasonal menu, and drink a delicious latte in the sunshine with your pal.
Image Credit: Fido / Facebook

6. Frothy Monkey

More than just coffee, Frothy Monkey serves the most important meal of the day: brunch! They also serve a wide selection of alcohol and food that has been featured in Food + Wine Magazine, Southern Living and The Wall Street Journal. However, if you’re here for the coffee, look no further. Frothy Monkey serves their famous 12South blend, locally roasted in Nashville.

7. Revelator Coffee Company

Enjoy the southern hospitality of Revelator Coffee Company. Trained in making customers feel at home, they cater to your needs with simple but divine seasonal menus and coffees, ensuring pure ingredients without all of the fluff.

8. Honest Coffee Roasters

Honest Coffee Roasters believes in Abe Lincoln’s policy, “Plant your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” Certainly they did, and now their roots have grown to include multiple locations due to high quality ingredients, smart collaborations (including selling coffee with Franklin Juice Company in Nashville), and an interesting history.

9. Ugly Mugs

There is nothing remotely ugly about Ugly Mugs coffee. They support the local arts, serve coffee roasted in East Nashville, and partner up with local bakeries to provide their patrons with delicious goodies. With the occasional beautiful latte art to boot – it’s no wonder it’s a community favorite.

Image Credit: Ugly Mugs / Facebook

10. Dose

Dose Coffee & Tea has a unique set of menus created to intrigue you. The by-the-cup menu introduces you to roasters across the US, while also serving a rotating and exciting collection of teas. Pair these beverages with a made-in-house assortment of meals, and you’re starting your day off exactly right.

Image Credit: Dose / Facebook

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