The Best Burger you Ever Eat Might be in Nashville!

Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in America. It’s no wonder that our restaurant scene has a reputation for attracting some of the most eclectic chefs in the world.

Making a burger isn’t rocket science, but in a city with so much competition, it’s never been harder to attract those hungry mouths. And for us, we want the juiciest, tastiest, most delicious burger, every time we go out.

We have curated the best burger joints by allowing locals to vote on their one favorite burger joint in Nashville. Find local favorites with Taste or download the Taste app and vote for your favorite places.

1. The Pharmacy

The current winner for the best burger in Nashville. Whether your favorite thing about this place is the delicious roll, German Beer Garden, or the Farm Burger which includes Bacon, Ham, and egg, it’s clear that Nashville locals LOVE this place.

Featured Image Credit: The Pharmacy / Facebook

Image Credit: FoodRepublic.com

2. Burger Up

Sitting in one of the hippest neighborhoods (12 South), Burger Up is the hipster equivalent to fine dining. This rustic themed restaurant serves a mean burger, truffle fries, and won’t disappoint.

3. Burger Republic

Coming in at a close third (your vote could make this #2), Burger Republic combines an elegant eating experience with alcohol infused milkshakes, 100% CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF®, and
Image Credit: Burger Republic/Facebook

4. Gabby’s Burgers

Here’s what to expect at Gabby’s Burgers: fast casual service, Southern Hospitality, and a burger that’ll make you smile.​ If you’re in a hurry, this is the place to be because it’s super quick and super delicious.

5. M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers

This little hidden gem is tucked away on Franklin Pike in the heart of Melrose. They’re slogan says it right: “Amazing burgers, fresh, pub food & the best craft beer from Nashville & beyond! Don’t overlook the happy hour specials.Image Credit: M.L Rose/Facebook

To find the top 25 list or contribute your vote for your favorite local places, download the Taste app for IOS. Foodies love it and locals need it. Instead of picking places you might not like, Taste, makes it simple to find the best places around town!

Other apps leave you searching through reviews trying to find the best spots, while Taste gives you the top picks in your area from locals and their ONE favorite.

What’s even cooler is that you get to have an opinion too! If you have a favorite place in one of the categories, it gets 100 points in the ranking. Also, if you love one category and are visiting it a lot, the weight of your ranking increases in points.  

Don’t waste time trying to find a great restaurant, go where the locals go. Click here to download the FREE app for iOS devices.

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