Make Lunch Never Boring Again With These 8 Nashville Hot Spots

Sometimes the chicken salad you made just doesn’t cut it. Don’t worry – in Nashville, there are lunch places that will blow your mind and end the boring lunch game forever. From cheap, delicious tacos to southern comfort food, you’ll be able to impress your boss or yourself over and over again. Here are the top eight places to get an amazing lunch in the city, voted on by locals who were only allowed to pick one favorite place.

1. Baja Burrito
When you think of lunch, what do you think of? The same old tired sandwiches? At Baja Burrito, eating the ultimate burrito with all the delicious inner fixings will change your mind indefinitely. Baja Burrito has salsas galore, an exciting taco bar, great connections to the community, the list goes on and on. What’s their secret? Baja Burrito is wrapped with 100% authentic love for food.

Featured Image Credit: Baja Burrito / Facebook

2. The Smiling Elephant
One of the best thai restaurants around, The Smiling Elephant provides fresh ingredients that make your lunch experience worth every penny. A small cottage like atmosphere filled with friendly faces and generous portions, this lovely thai place is a perfect addition to your weekly lunch routine.

3. Taqueria Del Sol
Taqueria Del Sol is a feast for the eyes. Bright colors everywhere you turn, ordering something here will cause a fiesta to erupt on your tastebuds. Casual yet playful, this lunch joint is the perfect place for reasonably priced, authentic (and fun!) mexican lunch fare.Image Credit: Taqueria Del Sol / Facebook

4. Edley’s Bar-B-Que
Labeled as a “fast-casual eatery”, Edley’s Bar-B-Que may be fast, but does not skip on southern smoked flavors and quality. Among all the smoked pork, brisket or catfish sandwiches, you’ll find a family and community oriented vibe, complete with patio seating and full bar.

Image Credit: Edley’s Bar-B-Que / Facebook

5. Mitchell Delicatessen
Have you been on a never ending quest for the perfect sandwich? The meat to bread ratio, the fresh veggies, the perfect combos: they are all found here at Mitchell Delicatessen. Lunch gives your brain energy for the rest of the day, and Mitchell knows how to deliver satisfaction in multitudes.

Image Credit: Mitchell Delicatessen / Facebook

6. Mas Tacos
See that blue trailer with a giant “Mas Tacos” sign on it? Pull over and check it out. This place is the real deal, and the “Best thing since country music”, according to their website. A fun, effortless party vibe is to be had here, and also delicious, delicious tacos.

7. Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant
If you want to take a business lunch to the next level, Puckett’s may be the ticket to sealing the deal. Originally a 1950’s grocery store, it has now expanded multiple locations with its visually interesting atmosphere, classic southern hospitality and the ultimate southern comfort food.Image Credit: Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant / Facebook

8. Pepperfire Hot Chicken
With words like “fire” and “hot”, the last thing you want to do is get too close. Not the case with Pepperfire Hot Chicken. Starting with Light Mild all the way up to XX Hot for people who can handle the heat, Isaac Beard, owner and founder has perfected the Pepperfire hot chicken recipe and it is now a Nashville favorite.


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