Find the Perfect Slice in 9 Charleston Pizza Joints

People say there’s no such thing as perfection, but with one bite of the perfect slice of pizza, you’ll have to disagree. Charleston is home to some of the most epic and quality pizza. Chefs here are dead-set on using local ingredients and wood burning ovens in their quest to create perfection in a pie. Charleston locals are fierce supporters of the pizza movement, and once you visit all nine of these places, you’ll be a believer too. Do you not see your favorite on this list? Download the Taste IOS app and set your favorites.

1. EVO Pizzeria
People from Charleston and beyond have been singing EVO Pizzeria’s praises for a decade now. Simplicity and fresh ingredients are EVO’s not-so-big-secret to success, and their wood fired brick oven does the rest.

Featured Image Credit: EVO Pizzeria/ Facebook

2. D’Allesandro’s Pizza
A close second on our list, D’Allesandro’s Pizza has our hearts with local owners, hand tossed pizzas and salads, and keeping it in the family with two brothers running the joint together. If you can’t make it to this prized pizzeria, they are now selling select frozen pizzas in speciality grocery stores.Image Credit: D’Allesandro’s Pizza/ Facebook

3. Park Pizza Co.
Serving pizza pie to the Park Circle neighborhood, Park Pizza Co. focuses on “simple ideas with creative applications.” What does this mean? It means creating beautiful pizzas like the “She Crab” with cream cheese, crab, tomato, garlic, parmesan and more.

4. Mellow Mushroom
Want a unique slice of pizza and a new philosophy of life? Mellow Mushroom can provide both with their trendsetting vibes and relaxed attitude. Starting the pizza revolution in 1974, Mellow Mushroom has been expanding their stores and spreading good vibes (and delicious pizza) all around.Image Credit: Mellow Mushroom / Facebook

5. Luke’s Craft Pizza
Luke loves dough. He’s spent nearly a decade perfecting that dough to make the perfect pizza. Luke’s Craft Pizza is a labor of love, and in his 450-square-foot shop, this pizza place is carry out only.

6. Famulari’s Pizzeria Brewpub
Specializing in the thin crunch of a satisfying New York Style pizza, or that thick, luscious dough texture of the Chicago Style, it truly doesn’t matter what kind of pizza fan you are: Famulari’s Pizzeria has both and makes them effortlessly.Image Credit: Famulari’s Pizzeria Brewpub / Facebook

7. Zombie Bob’s Pizza
Once a pizza food truck, the community demanded more. Now Zombie Bob’s Pizza has a brick and mortar store serving hungry zombies and humans alike. Partnering with Frothy Beard brewing, Zombie Bob created a beer infused pizza crust that could wake the dead.

8. Paisano’s Pizza Grill
Paisano’s Pizza Grill knows what the people want. Generous portions and a fun, urban feel, owners James and West have a deep passion for pizza and their community. Board games are available for family fun night, and so is the dreamy handmade crust.

9. Toffino’s
More than just a pizzeria, Toffino’s is all things Italian. Baked goods and deli with hot and cold sandwich offerings makes this a perfect culinary and cultural experience. Everyone has a favorite here, whether it’s the pizza itself, sliced prosciutto, meatballs or dessert!

Locals set their favorites in the Taste IOS app. The restaurant’s with the highest votes make it on our lists. Join the community of pizza lovers who have set their favorite pizza places.

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