These Top Charleston Lunch Spots Will Brighten Up Your Work Week

Check the time: it’s lunch time in the city of Charleston. Your leftovers from last night don’t sound appetizing and you’re tired of the same old boring fare. Take a walk on the wild side once the clock strikes 12 and discover hidden gems, crowd favorites, and cosmic hotdogs. Here are the best of the best lunch places in city of Charleston, voted on by locals. Locals get one favorite lunch place. Are you local? Download Taste on IOS.

1. Five Loaves Cafe

Finding a simple soup and sandwich combo is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Five Loaves Cafe specializes in daily seasonal soups, sustainable food practices, and mouthwatering meat options. Yes, soup and sandwiches are “simple”, but Five Loaves Cafe elevates these classic lunch options to the highest level possible.

Featured Image Credit: Five Loaves Cafe/ Facebook

2. Butcher & Bee

Partnering with local farmers and fishermen, Butcher & Bee is about creating “Great Food Culture”, inspiring people to work together and catering to different dietary restrictions. Repeat customers rave about the burgers, sandwiches and the wonderful family-friendly atmosphere.

Image Credit: Butcher & Bee / Facebook

3. Verde

With fast service and fresh salad bowls, Verde is the perfect lunch spot if you don’t have a lot of time but don’t want to sacrifice on quality. They have over 40 different salad combinations, and if you don’t see a salad that immediately strikes your fancy, they have “create your own” salad options as well.

4. Leon’s Fine Poultry and Oysters

Leon’s is a hearty collection of golden fried chicken and an impressive assortment of seafood in their southern inspired kitchen. If you have a smaller appetite during lunch, there’s the “smaller” plate items, or if you’re going big, the Big Chicken Platter with all the sides is fit for a king.

5. Jack’s Cosmic Dogs

Voted “Best Hotdog since 2000”, having an out-of-this-world hotdog for lunch should be on top of your to-do list. You could try the classic Cosmic Dog with blue cheese slaw, and sweet potato mustard, or there’s always the Rocket Corn Dog!

6. Jack of Cups Saloon

Right on Folly beach, this small restaurant is jam-packed with masterful soups and wraps. The Yum Yum soup or the corn chowder are crowd favorites, thus making this place a hidden gem among Charleston locals.

7. Dellz Uptown

How can you truly enjoy lunch without a giant plate of nachos? Dellz knows how to create a feast for the eyes with their colorful and interesting collection of nachos and wraps. Lunch is forever interesting here in it this friendly and open establishment.

Image Credit: Dellz Uptown/ Facebook

8. Thai Palm

Although it’s located along side of a stripmall, Thai Palm may be the best traditional Thai food available in Charleston. The food here is remarkable, as all of the dishes illuminate freshness and seasoned with care. Crowd favorites are the basil fried rice with chicken or the pad thai.

Image Credit: Thai Palm / Facebook

9. Dog and Duck Park West

A family pub to the max, Dog and Duck Park West is home to locals who love fried food and a spirit to go along with it. There’s perfectly crispy fried fish and chips, or the acclaimed Philly Cheesesteak. Don’t forget: You can bring your furry friend to this restaurant!

Image Credit: Dog and Duck Park West / Facebook

10. Brown Dog Deli

What do you envision when you think about a perfect deli? Is it freshly sliced meats? Baked bread right out of the oven? Brown Dog Deli can make this a reality with the pimento cheese BLT, and a life-changing potato salad.

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