From BBQ to Crawfish: 8 Charleston Restaurants That Will Change Up The Dinner Game

Dinner time in Charleston means authentic BBQ, an abundance of smoked meats, and a hearty helping of seafood inspired dishes. You aren’t going to find any posers here – Charleston chefs mean serious business when it comes to food made from the heart (and of course the gut) thus creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for both locals and first-timers to enjoy. Are you a local? Vote on your favorite dinner places on the Taste IOS app.

1. Lewis Barbecue
In Charleston, it’s fitting that a barbecue place makes the number one spot. Lewis Barbecue is home to giant meat platters brought by the legendary pitmaster, John Lewis. Walk in the doors and you’re greeted with custom smokers, and a sweet and savory aroma that is made of dreams.

Featured Image Credit: Lewis Barbecue/ Facebook

2. Halls Chophouse
Halls Chophouse prides itself on catering to the community. Even though it’s a steakhouse, they make sure to have vegetarian and gluten free items on the menu available as well. They also have seafood, live music, and over a 100 wines to choose from. Variety is the spice of life as far as Halls Chophouse is concerned.

3. Lola
Finding authentic Louisiana seafood may be a challenge. Luckily here in Charleston, they have wonderful Lola. This seafood kitchen has tons of offerings including Crawfish Étouffée, Cajun Shrimp PoBoys and for dessert there’s delectable and deep fried beignets.

4. Xiao Bao Biscuit
Some of these dishes look like a work of art! At Xiao Bao Biscuit (or XBB for short), they create Asian soul food, straight from their family’s longstanding traditional recipes. The menu changes seasonally to reflect what produce is available, so you can bet you’re getting the freshest and visually stunning dishes available.Image Credit: Xiao Bao Biscuit / Facebook

5. Leon’s Fine Poultry and Oysters
Between the fried chicken, soft serve ice cream and cheap beer, Leon’s Fine Poultry And Oysters checks off all the boxes for a fulfilling and entertaining dinner. Set in a converted old garage, the rustic design balances the “we take our food seriously, but not too seriously” overall vibe.Image Credit: Leon’s Fine Poultry and Oysters / Facebook

6. Home Team BBQ
With five star reviews across the board, Home Team BBQ is rooting for you to try their wings, ribs and bacon to boot! Providing both outdoor and indoor seating and big screen TVs, enjoying their tender meat dishes and craft cocktails while watching the game sounds like heaven on earth.

7. Dellz Uptown
Don’t let the humorous menu names distract you, Dellz is making ultimate nachos with amazing ingredients (aptly named “Snobby Nachos”), or a colorful kaleidoscope of flavorful wraps. There are some great vegetarian options to choose from too making Dellz a one-stop-shop to flavor central.Image Credit: Dellz Uptown / Facebook

8. Edmund’s Oast
Not just a brewery, Edmunds Oast is about seasonally-focused food, cooking plenty of poultry and seafood dishes. Patrons will feel right at home with elevated bar food and beautifully presented cuisine to pair with their endless selection of beverages.Image Credit: Edmund’s Oast / Facebook

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