4 Places to Get The Perfect All-American Burgers in Charleston

Is there anything more all-American than a giant, juicy burger? Pair it with an ice cold beer and a heaping pile of french fries, and you’ve created a truly symbolic meal. Here in Charleston, locals are no strangers to delicious burgers. Likely made with local ingredients, freshly baked buns and amazing toppings, Charleston has an awesome variety of pubs, taverns and restaurants dedicated to the craft of creating the perfect burger. The best recommendations come from two places: locals and friends. Locals vote on their favorite places in the Taste App. Our lists are 100% unbiased. Vote for your local favorites on the Taste IOS app.

1. Sesame Burgers & Beer

If you’re driving to Mount Pleasant, you’d be a fool not to stop here. Sesame Burgers & Beer has a family friendly atmosphere and an artisan cuisine to die for. Fans know what an authentic Sesame burger looks like, as it is a local favorite. Fresh ingredients, hormone-free beef, homemade condiments – your memories of this burger will last a lifetime.

Featured Image Credit: Sesame Burgers & Beer/ Facebook

2. Poe’s Tavern

You’ll never say “nevermore” again once you try a Poe’s Taverns burger. An Edgar Allen Poe themed bar, this place oozes of quirky charm, while providing half-pound burgers with Angus Chuck beef. You’ll write your own burger-themed poetry after visiting this eclectic place.

3. Little Jack’s Tavern

Old photographs and timeless imagery line the walls of this classic tavern. Clean cut and cozy, this place has some of the best burgers in the city, winning the Burger Bash of 2017 presented by the South Beach Food & Wine festival. One look at that melting cheddar cheese atop that freshly cooked beef and you’ll see why.

Image Credit: Little Jack’s Tavern / Facebook

4. Rutledge Cab Co.

The Rutledge Cab Company mixed rustic and contemporary style in their open and airy Wagener Terrace neighborhood location. The Red-Eye burger has to be seen to be believed: topped with tillamook cheddar, a fried egg, sriracha mayo and sprinkled with candied bacon. Looking for brunch? Enjoy a brunch burger made with a donut bun and caramelized onions!

Image Credit: Rutledge Cab Co. / Facebook

Foodies love it and locals need it. Other apps leave you searching through reviews trying to find the best spots, while Taste gives you the top picks in your area from locals and their ONE favorite. Check-in to local restaurants to increase your vote. Don’t waste time trying to find a great restaurant, go where the locals go. Download the FREE app for iOS devices.

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