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These Top Charleston Lunch Spots Will Brighten Up Your Work Week

Check the time: it’s lunch time in the city of Charleston. Your leftovers from last night don’t sound appetizing and you’re tired of the same old boring fare. Take a walk on the wild side once the clock strikes 12 and discover hidden gems, crowd favorites, and cosmic hotdogs. Here are the best of the best lunch places in city of Charleston, voted on by locals. Locals get one favorite lunch place. Are you local? Download Taste on IOS.

1. Five Loaves Cafe

Finding a simple soup and sandwich combo is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Five Loaves Cafe specializes in daily seasonal soups, sustainable food practices, and mouthwatering meat options. Yes, soup and sandwiches are “simple”, but Five Loaves Cafe elevates these classic lunch options to the highest level possible.

Featured Image Credit: Five Loaves Cafe/ Facebook

2. Butcher & Bee

Partnering with local farmers and fishermen, Butcher & Bee is about creating “Great Food Culture”, inspiring people to work together and catering to different dietary restrictions. Repeat customers rave about the burgers, sandwiches and the wonderful family-friendly atmosphere.

Image Credit: Butcher & Bee / Facebook

3. Verde

With fast service and fresh salad bowls, Verde is the perfect lunch spot if you don’t have a lot of time but don’t want to sacrifice on quality. They have over 40 different salad combinations, and if you don’t see a salad that immediately strikes your fancy, they have “create your own” salad options as well.

4. Leon’s Fine Poultry and Oysters

Leon’s is a hearty collection of golden fried chicken and an impressive assortment of seafood in their southern inspired kitchen. If you have a smaller appetite during lunch, there’s the “smaller” plate items, or if you’re going big, the Big Chicken Platter with all the sides is fit for a king.

5. Jack’s Cosmic Dogs

Voted “Best Hotdog since 2000”, having an out-of-this-world hotdog for lunch should be on top of your to-do list. You could try the classic Cosmic Dog with blue cheese slaw, and sweet potato mustard, or there’s always the Rocket Corn Dog!

6. Jack of Cups Saloon

Right on Folly beach, this small restaurant is jam-packed with masterful soups and wraps. The Yum Yum soup or the corn chowder are crowd favorites, thus making this place a hidden gem among Charleston locals.

7. Dellz Uptown

How can you truly enjoy lunch without a giant plate of nachos? Dellz knows how to create a feast for the eyes with their colorful and interesting collection of nachos and wraps. Lunch is forever interesting here in it this friendly and open establishment.

Image Credit: Dellz Uptown/ Facebook

8. Thai Palm

Although it’s located along side of a stripmall, Thai Palm may be the best traditional Thai food available in Charleston. The food here is remarkable, as all of the dishes illuminate freshness and seasoned with care. Crowd favorites are the basil fried rice with chicken or the pad thai.

Image Credit: Thai Palm / Facebook

9. Dog and Duck Park West

A family pub to the max, Dog and Duck Park West is home to locals who love fried food and a spirit to go along with it. There’s perfectly crispy fried fish and chips, or the acclaimed Philly Cheesesteak. Don’t forget: You can bring your furry friend to this restaurant!

Image Credit: Dog and Duck Park West / Facebook

10. Brown Dog Deli

What do you envision when you think about a perfect deli? Is it freshly sliced meats? Baked bread right out of the oven? Brown Dog Deli can make this a reality with the pimento cheese BLT, and a life-changing potato salad.

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Kiss My Grits: Here are 10 Charleston Breakfast Spots with Southern Charm

Having a mediocre breakfast can make or break the day. Why chance it? Instead of gambling away your breakfast, visit some of Charleston’s premium breakfast spots. In each one of these restaurants you’ll find southern grits, long time customers, friendly staff, and crazy amounts of love for the art of breakfast. Here are the top ten places you should definitely get your grub on.

1. Marina Variety Store and Restaurant

With a name that reminds us of a small grocery store, how did this place climb to number one for the best breakfast in Charleston? This place is anything but small, for starters. Family owned since 1963, many flavorful dishes are produced here for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Highly regarded in the gastronomic community, breakfast at this place is essential. Long time customers suggest trying the fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits.

Featured Image Credit: Another Broken Egg / Facebook

2. The Junction Kitchen & Provisions

Right in Park Circle, The Junction Kitchen & Provisions is ready for a full day breakfast menu, vegetarian options, and a casual, family feel. Between the Mexican hash, Monte Cristo, and a variety of other exciting options, breakfast can be endlessly enjoyable here.

Image Credit: The Junction Kitchen & Provisions / Facebook

3. Early Bird Diner

Famous staples like chicken and waffles are what get you through the door, but you may stay for the legendary grits that people consistently rave about on reviews. Early Bird Diner is a classic and self-aware diner, comfortable and familiar – and most importantly, has outstanding food.

4. Page’s Okra Grill

Balancing classic and creative is no easy feat. Page’s Okra Grill has created the perfect combination of colorful breakfasts and tried and true fare. Winning multiple awards from 2017 Post and Courier Readers Choice, 2017 Best of Mount Pleasant Magazine, and #1 Trip Advisor Rated Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant. That means jumping on this bandwagon is an excellent choice.

Image Credit: Page’s Okra Grill / Facebook

5. Three Little Birds

Family togetherness and delicious, wholesome food, this is what makes Three Little Birds sing every morning. All day breakfast and fresh squeezed juice, this lovely cafe is a collection of smiling faces and full bellies, and in the words of Three Little Birds: “Peace, Love, and Pancakes”.

6. The Park Cafe

The Park Cafe has quaintness down to a science. Beautifully bountiful greenery, crisp white walls, and of course an excellent breakfast menu. Modified avocado toast or a chef’s omelette, The Park Cafe is a lovely break from the hustle and bustle of your usual routine.

Image Credit: The Park Cafe / Facebook

7. Charleston’s Cafe

“Implementing a delectable twist on southern fare”, Charleston’s Cafe does the city proud. Standing out from the rest with decades of interesting food combinations, Charleston’s Cafe is a city institution, and should be celebrated with a heaping plate of sweet potato biscuits or a southern style eggs benedict.

8. Waffle House

If you’re in the market for straightforward, no frills breakfast food, look no further than the Waffle House. A classic diner chain across the country, this is where you’ll get your eggs, bacon, and a mountain of famous waffles for an authentic, low key breakfast experience.

Image Credit: Waffle House / Facebook

9. Another Broken Egg Cafe

Though a chain restaurant, Another Broken Egg Cafe in Charleston is anything but ordinary. Giving back to the community by working with local charities, this place strives for fresh ingredients, community engagement and excellent service.

10. Sweetwater Cafe

Featured on the Travel Channel, Sweetwater cafe is an excellent choice for culinary connoisseurs. If you’re ready and willing to try something fresh and modern, this multi-cuisine cafe has all the charm and food adventures your heart desires.

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Top 10 Trendy Coffee Shops in Nashville and Why They are Awesome

Drinking coffee these days is an experience – especially when you’re surrounded with high-quality, locally sourced coffee around every corner. It’s not just the coffee that makes these Nashville coffee shops unique. It’s the atmosphere, attitudes and partnerships made on a local and global level. Nashville may be considered the “Music City”, but after visiting these top ten coffee shops, you’ll definitely consider Nashville a coffee city as well. Are you a “coffee snob?” Whether you are or aren’t, you get to vote on your favorite places in the Taste IOS app.


CREMA is the cream of the crop for a reason. The attention to detail is astounding, even down to the hand carved old lumber bar you’ll see once you walk in. In 2007, Rachel and Ben had a dream of creating an ultimate coffee experience. They took everything they knew about coffee and partnered with coffee farmers, culinary institutions, and the community to create ethically sound, and super delicious coffee. CREMA is a labor of love, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Featured Image Credit: CREMA / Facebook

2. Steadfast Coffee

Steadfast Coffee takes an almost scientific approach to creating the perfect cup of joe. Their creative concoctions include: Flash-chilled coffee that locks in flavor from traditional hot-brewed coffee in a cool beverage, or rested drinks made with espresso and milk that age, creating delightfully complex notes. Steadfast Coffee is the land of sophisticated and unexpected flavor.
Image Credit: Steadfast Coffee / Facebook

3. The Well Coffeehouse

With a noble cause in mind, the Well Coffeehouse is combating poverty on a global scale with every cup. The love doesn’t stop there: between exceptional seasonal drinks and hand poured coffee, The Well is creating delicious beverages that reflect their goals in a big way. Their mission statement says it all, “We love coffee. We love people even more.”

4. Barista Parlor

Character: this is what Barista Parlor has in spades. Working with local artists, bakeries, businesses and farms, this is a true-blue Nashville institution. Beautiful retro-themed illustrations surround Barista Parlor’s merch, and customers can’t get enough of their coffee, chocolate and biscuit delights.
Image Credit: Barista Parlor / Facebook

5. Fido

Like the name suggests, Fido caters to your canine companion. With plenty of outdoor seating for you and your furry friend, you can browse the seasonal menu, and drink a delicious latte in the sunshine with your pal.
Image Credit: Fido / Facebook

6. Frothy Monkey

More than just coffee, Frothy Monkey serves the most important meal of the day: brunch! They also serve a wide selection of alcohol and food that has been featured in Food + Wine Magazine, Southern Living and The Wall Street Journal. However, if you’re here for the coffee, look no further. Frothy Monkey serves their famous 12South blend, locally roasted in Nashville.

7. Revelator Coffee Company

Enjoy the southern hospitality of Revelator Coffee Company. Trained in making customers feel at home, they cater to your needs with simple but divine seasonal menus and coffees, ensuring pure ingredients without all of the fluff.

8. Honest Coffee Roasters

Honest Coffee Roasters believes in Abe Lincoln’s policy, “Plant your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” Certainly they did, and now their roots have grown to include multiple locations due to high quality ingredients, smart collaborations (including selling coffee with Franklin Juice Company in Nashville), and an interesting history.

9. Ugly Mugs

There is nothing remotely ugly about Ugly Mugs coffee. They support the local arts, serve coffee roasted in East Nashville, and partner up with local bakeries to provide their patrons with delicious goodies. With the occasional beautiful latte art to boot – it’s no wonder it’s a community favorite.

Image Credit: Ugly Mugs / Facebook

10. Dose

Dose Coffee & Tea has a unique set of menus created to intrigue you. The by-the-cup menu introduces you to roasters across the US, while also serving a rotating and exciting collection of teas. Pair these beverages with a made-in-house assortment of meals, and you’re starting your day off exactly right.

Image Credit: Dose / Facebook

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Where To Find Some Ridiculously Drool-Worthy Desserts In Charleston

One word. Dessert. We all have a favorite dessert, but do you have a favorite dessert place in Charleston? Download the Taste app to vote on your favorite local places.


Image Credit: Carmella’s/ Facebook

Nestled on the corner of East Bay and Cumberland Rd., Carmella’s is a perfect mash-up of Italian sweets and Charleston charm. They are best known for their gourmet pastries, gourmet gelato, and dessert cocktails. Stop by for a late-night dessert, you WILL NOT be sorry you did.


If you’re ever strolling along upper King at any given time of day and come across a line of folks waiting, it’s most likely for Jeni’s. This Ohio-based scoop shop builds every recipe from the ground up with luscious, grass-grazed Ohio milk. Their flavors are constantly changing, it just depends on what kind of mood the staff is in. Jeni Britton Bauer’s ice creams have been praised by Time (“America’s best”), Cooking Light (“deadly delicious”), and Saveur(“revolutionary”), while Food & Wine stated, “No one makes ice cream like Jeni Britton Bauer.”

Featured Image Credit: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams/ Facebook


Image Credit: Kaminsky’s/ Facebook

Get to Kaminsky’s early in the night, or else you’ll find yourself among a long line of dessert-craving patrons. The good part, though, is the line moves fast, the desserts come out quick, and you can even just get something to-go if you’re not in the mood to sit. On the menu, you can find a rotating selection of delectable desserts made in-house daily, heaping milkshakes, specialty coffees and cold beverage creations.


Image Credit: ICE BING Cafe/ Facebook

Recently opened ICE BING Cafe is making quite a name for itself on Spring Street. The cafe prides itself on not serving MSG or GMO products. Their menu includes unique offerings such as bubble tea, fruit-puree enhanced matcha iced teas and bings — homemade syrup and frozen condensed milk.

5. Ye Ole Fashioned Ice Cream & Sandwich Cafe

Sure, Ye Old Fashioned serves up some delicious sandwiches and burgers at a great price, but it’s the ice cream that keeps customers coming back. Sometimes, just a couple scoops of vanilla or chocolate ice cream in a cone dusted with sprinkles is all you need. But sometimes, an outrageous ice cream sundae big enough to feed the whole family will suffice too.

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The Best Burger you Ever Eat Might be in Nashville!

Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in America. It’s no wonder that our restaurant scene has a reputation for attracting some of the most eclectic chefs in the world.

Making a burger isn’t rocket science, but in a city with so much competition, it’s never been harder to attract those hungry mouths. And for us, we want the juiciest, tastiest, most delicious burger, every time we go out.

We have curated the best burger joints by allowing locals to vote on their one favorite burger joint in Nashville. Find local favorites with Taste or download the Taste app and vote for your favorite places.

1. The Pharmacy

The current winner for the best burger in Nashville. Whether your favorite thing about this place is the delicious roll, German Beer Garden, or the Farm Burger which includes Bacon, Ham, and egg, it’s clear that Nashville locals LOVE this place.

Featured Image Credit: The Pharmacy / Facebook

Image Credit: FoodRepublic.com

2. Burger Up

Sitting in one of the hippest neighborhoods (12 South), Burger Up is the hipster equivalent to fine dining. This rustic themed restaurant serves a mean burger, truffle fries, and won’t disappoint.

3. Burger Republic

Coming in at a close third (your vote could make this #2), Burger Republic combines an elegant eating experience with alcohol infused milkshakes, 100% CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF®, and
Image Credit: Burger Republic/Facebook

4. Gabby’s Burgers

Here’s what to expect at Gabby’s Burgers: fast casual service, Southern Hospitality, and a burger that’ll make you smile.​ If you’re in a hurry, this is the place to be because it’s super quick and super delicious.

5. M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers

This little hidden gem is tucked away on Franklin Pike in the heart of Melrose. They’re slogan says it right: “Amazing burgers, fresh, pub food & the best craft beer from Nashville & beyond! Don’t overlook the happy hour specials.Image Credit: M.L Rose/Facebook

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