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Heart Be Still: These 4 Nashville Dessert Spots Will Change Your Life

Someone wise once said, “The only reason to eat dinner is so you can have dessert”. It’s not hard to guess why many people share the same sentiment. In Nashville, the land of all things sweet and vibrant, dessert spots make a statement in a big way. Who wouldn’t enjoy a large ice cream cone on a hot day, or a slice of homemade pie after a meal? It’s important to indulge ourselves from time to time, and with these four hot spots, your sweet tooth will finally be satisfied.

1. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (12South)
Inventive, creamy, and yes, splendid, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams are a stunning array of smile- inducing flavors. Biscuits and Peach Jam, Hard Cider Sorbet, Dark Chocolate with a Rosemary Drizzle… it’s a dream land of heavenly ice cream that earns it’s solid number one spot on our list. Add seasonal ice creams like Boozy Eggnog or Five Spice Pumpkin, and they’ll likely always make the top ten.

Featured Image Credit: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams 12South / Facebook

2. Five Daughters Bakery (12South)
With a line waiting for the doors to open nearly every day, you know this place has to be good. Five Daughters Bakery are visionaries when it comes to the donut game. Some of their top flavors include the 100 layer donuts, maple bacon combos, and so much more. Add a trained and friendly staff and a stylish atmosphere, and you’ve got the ingredients for pure bliss.

3. Las Paletas Gourmet Popsicles
Living (or visiting) the south has it’s advantages. There are more chances to have a nice, warm day, wandering the streets and enjoying an ice cold popsicle. Las Paletas Gourmet Popsicles knows how to create unique yet universally liked flavor pairings that will keep you cool while enjoying an explosion of fruity or creamy flavors.Image Credit: Las Paletas Gourmet Popsicles / Facebook

4. Sprinkles Cupcakes
You’ll agree that the cupcake trend is far from over as soon as you enter Sprinkles Cupcakes. Eating a cupcake here is an emotional experience, letting you taste the sweet cream butter, or some Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. With locations all over, Sprinkles has elevated the cupcake game to a higher, sophisticated level.

Image Credit: Sprinkles Cupcakes / Facebook

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Top 9 Breakfast Places Worth Getting Up For in Nashville

If you’re about to eat the most important meal of the day, it better be done right. Nashville has an eclectic mix of breakfast and brunch places, certain to entertain the senses and satisfy a sweet tooth or a savory craving. Crepes, kolaches, and avocado toast – there’s no end to what amazingness there is to be had in these top locations around Nashville. Here are the top nine breakfast places and and why they’re worth getting up in the morning for. Think you know what is actually the best in Nashville? Download the Taste app and vote for your favorites.

1. Fido
Is there anything better than all-day breakfast? Fido proves that breakfast (lunch and dinner too!) means delicious, wholesome meals at every turn. With a fun, dog friendly environment and awesome ingredients, all of your meals at Fido will magically satisfy your never ending breakfast cravings.

Featured Image Credit: Fido / Facebook

2. Biscuit Love
There is nothing more southern than a flakey, buttery biscuit. Biscuit Love has all the bases covered with glorious, fresh biscuits in a variety of offerings. 100% homemade, husband and wife team Karl and Sarah Worley have mastered the perfect southern brunch and want you to come enjoy it with them.

3. Proper Bagel
Make no mistake: There’s a reason why a bagel shop made the top ten breakfast joints in Nashville. They are that good. Between the beautiful presentation, the fresh, hearty bagels, and all the exciting fixings, Proper Bagel is ready and willing to create a perfect breakfast with a bagel on top.Image Credit: Proper Bagel / Facebook

4. Fenwick’s 300
This modern diner has a bowling theme, and with good reason: they are going to roll a strike as soon as you see their exquisite menu options. Order a serving of beignets, or try their house turkey chorizo breakfast tacos – there’s no risk of losing in this classy and fun-filled establishment.

5. Red Bicycle
Great coffee, out-of-this-world crepes, amazing decor: What more could you want from a breakfast joint? Mastering the craft of crepes and while showcasing a soothing atmosphere, Red Bicycle is an excellent blueprint of a successful restaurant. Make the venture to Red Bicycle and put a crepe in your happy belly.Image Credit: Red Bicycle / Facebook

6. Yeast Nashville
You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a kolache. Luckily for people in Nashville, you’ll get the chance to taste and savor one. Kolaches are a yeast based sweet dough from Czech/Slovak regions and have a variety of fillings, depending on your preference. It’s quite an experience eating one of these doughy delights, and certainly one to have time and time again.

7. Five Daughters Bakery
Who says breakfast can’t be a donut? At Five Daughters Bakery, you’ll experience nothing short of sensational eye-candy behind the counter. With a rotating seasonal menu of delectable treats paired with the tried and true staples (King Kong Maple Bacon, anyone?), you’ll be instantly hooked.Image Credit: Five Daughters Bakery / Facebook

8. Fox’s Donut Den
Another donut place? Alright, if you insist. Fox’s Donut Den has been around since 1973, making it a Nashville institution. Cinnamon rolls, cronuts, blueberry donut holes and more, Fox’s Donut Den is a veteran in the donut game and a place in which people drive across town and occasionally state lines for.

9. Sky Blue Cafe
Sky Blue Cafe is the perfect little corner cafe. Great prices, cozy atmosphere, and straight forward menu – you know what you’re getting with Sky Blue, and what you’re getting is delicious. Watch the cheese melt on your breakfast burrito or ask for a side of avocado toast, this place knows how to do breakfast right.Image Credit: Sky Blue Cafe / Facebook

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From BBQ to Crawfish: 8 Charleston Restaurants That Will Change Up The Dinner Game

Dinner time in Charleston means authentic BBQ, an abundance of smoked meats, and a hearty helping of seafood inspired dishes. You aren’t going to find any posers here – Charleston chefs mean serious business when it comes to food made from the heart (and of course the gut) thus creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for both locals and first-timers to enjoy. Are you a local? Vote on your favorite dinner places on the Taste IOS app.

1. Lewis Barbecue
In Charleston, it’s fitting that a barbecue place makes the number one spot. Lewis Barbecue is home to giant meat platters brought by the legendary pitmaster, John Lewis. Walk in the doors and you’re greeted with custom smokers, and a sweet and savory aroma that is made of dreams.

Featured Image Credit: Lewis Barbecue/ Facebook

2. Halls Chophouse
Halls Chophouse prides itself on catering to the community. Even though it’s a steakhouse, they make sure to have vegetarian and gluten free items on the menu available as well. They also have seafood, live music, and over a 100 wines to choose from. Variety is the spice of life as far as Halls Chophouse is concerned.

3. Lola
Finding authentic Louisiana seafood may be a challenge. Luckily here in Charleston, they have wonderful Lola. This seafood kitchen has tons of offerings including Crawfish Étouffée, Cajun Shrimp PoBoys and for dessert there’s delectable and deep fried beignets.

4. Xiao Bao Biscuit
Some of these dishes look like a work of art! At Xiao Bao Biscuit (or XBB for short), they create Asian soul food, straight from their family’s longstanding traditional recipes. The menu changes seasonally to reflect what produce is available, so you can bet you’re getting the freshest and visually stunning dishes available.Image Credit: Xiao Bao Biscuit / Facebook

5. Leon’s Fine Poultry and Oysters
Between the fried chicken, soft serve ice cream and cheap beer, Leon’s Fine Poultry And Oysters checks off all the boxes for a fulfilling and entertaining dinner. Set in a converted old garage, the rustic design balances the “we take our food seriously, but not too seriously” overall vibe.Image Credit: Leon’s Fine Poultry and Oysters / Facebook

6. Home Team BBQ
With five star reviews across the board, Home Team BBQ is rooting for you to try their wings, ribs and bacon to boot! Providing both outdoor and indoor seating and big screen TVs, enjoying their tender meat dishes and craft cocktails while watching the game sounds like heaven on earth.

7. Dellz Uptown
Don’t let the humorous menu names distract you, Dellz is making ultimate nachos with amazing ingredients (aptly named “Snobby Nachos”), or a colorful kaleidoscope of flavorful wraps. There are some great vegetarian options to choose from too making Dellz a one-stop-shop to flavor central.Image Credit: Dellz Uptown / Facebook

8. Edmund’s Oast
Not just a brewery, Edmunds Oast is about seasonally-focused food, cooking plenty of poultry and seafood dishes. Patrons will feel right at home with elevated bar food and beautifully presented cuisine to pair with their endless selection of beverages.Image Credit: Edmund’s Oast / Facebook

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Find the Perfect Slice in 9 Charleston Pizza Joints

People say there’s no such thing as perfection, but with one bite of the perfect slice of pizza, you’ll have to disagree. Charleston is home to some of the most epic and quality pizza. Chefs here are dead-set on using local ingredients and wood burning ovens in their quest to create perfection in a pie. Charleston locals are fierce supporters of the pizza movement, and once you visit all nine of these places, you’ll be a believer too. Do you not see your favorite on this list? Download the Taste IOS app and set your favorites.

1. EVO Pizzeria
People from Charleston and beyond have been singing EVO Pizzeria’s praises for a decade now. Simplicity and fresh ingredients are EVO’s not-so-big-secret to success, and their wood fired brick oven does the rest.

Featured Image Credit: EVO Pizzeria/ Facebook

2. D’Allesandro’s Pizza
A close second on our list, D’Allesandro’s Pizza has our hearts with local owners, hand tossed pizzas and salads, and keeping it in the family with two brothers running the joint together. If you can’t make it to this prized pizzeria, they are now selling select frozen pizzas in speciality grocery stores.Image Credit: D’Allesandro’s Pizza/ Facebook

3. Park Pizza Co.
Serving pizza pie to the Park Circle neighborhood, Park Pizza Co. focuses on “simple ideas with creative applications.” What does this mean? It means creating beautiful pizzas like the “She Crab” with cream cheese, crab, tomato, garlic, parmesan and more.

4. Mellow Mushroom
Want a unique slice of pizza and a new philosophy of life? Mellow Mushroom can provide both with their trendsetting vibes and relaxed attitude. Starting the pizza revolution in 1974, Mellow Mushroom has been expanding their stores and spreading good vibes (and delicious pizza) all around.Image Credit: Mellow Mushroom / Facebook

5. Luke’s Craft Pizza
Luke loves dough. He’s spent nearly a decade perfecting that dough to make the perfect pizza. Luke’s Craft Pizza is a labor of love, and in his 450-square-foot shop, this pizza place is carry out only.

6. Famulari’s Pizzeria Brewpub
Specializing in the thin crunch of a satisfying New York Style pizza, or that thick, luscious dough texture of the Chicago Style, it truly doesn’t matter what kind of pizza fan you are: Famulari’s Pizzeria has both and makes them effortlessly.Image Credit: Famulari’s Pizzeria Brewpub / Facebook

7. Zombie Bob’s Pizza
Once a pizza food truck, the community demanded more. Now Zombie Bob’s Pizza has a brick and mortar store serving hungry zombies and humans alike. Partnering with Frothy Beard brewing, Zombie Bob created a beer infused pizza crust that could wake the dead.

8. Paisano’s Pizza Grill
Paisano’s Pizza Grill knows what the people want. Generous portions and a fun, urban feel, owners James and West have a deep passion for pizza and their community. Board games are available for family fun night, and so is the dreamy handmade crust.

9. Toffino’s
More than just a pizzeria, Toffino’s is all things Italian. Baked goods and deli with hot and cold sandwich offerings makes this a perfect culinary and cultural experience. Everyone has a favorite here, whether it’s the pizza itself, sliced prosciutto, meatballs or dessert!

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4 Places to Get The Perfect All-American Burgers in Charleston

Is there anything more all-American than a giant, juicy burger? Pair it with an ice cold beer and a heaping pile of french fries, and you’ve created a truly symbolic meal. Here in Charleston, locals are no strangers to delicious burgers. Likely made with local ingredients, freshly baked buns and amazing toppings, Charleston has an awesome variety of pubs, taverns and restaurants dedicated to the craft of creating the perfect burger. The best recommendations come from two places: locals and friends. Locals vote on their favorite places in the Taste App. Our lists are 100% unbiased. Vote for your local favorites on the Taste IOS app.

1. Sesame Burgers & Beer

If you’re driving to Mount Pleasant, you’d be a fool not to stop here. Sesame Burgers & Beer has a family friendly atmosphere and an artisan cuisine to die for. Fans know what an authentic Sesame burger looks like, as it is a local favorite. Fresh ingredients, hormone-free beef, homemade condiments – your memories of this burger will last a lifetime.

Featured Image Credit: Sesame Burgers & Beer/ Facebook

2. Poe’s Tavern

You’ll never say “nevermore” again once you try a Poe’s Taverns burger. An Edgar Allen Poe themed bar, this place oozes of quirky charm, while providing half-pound burgers with Angus Chuck beef. You’ll write your own burger-themed poetry after visiting this eclectic place.

3. Little Jack’s Tavern

Old photographs and timeless imagery line the walls of this classic tavern. Clean cut and cozy, this place has some of the best burgers in the city, winning the Burger Bash of 2017 presented by the South Beach Food & Wine festival. One look at that melting cheddar cheese atop that freshly cooked beef and you’ll see why.

Image Credit: Little Jack’s Tavern / Facebook

4. Rutledge Cab Co.

The Rutledge Cab Company mixed rustic and contemporary style in their open and airy Wagener Terrace neighborhood location. The Red-Eye burger has to be seen to be believed: topped with tillamook cheddar, a fried egg, sriracha mayo and sprinkled with candied bacon. Looking for brunch? Enjoy a brunch burger made with a donut bun and caramelized onions!

Image Credit: Rutledge Cab Co. / Facebook

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