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These 5 Nashville Sushi Places Will Have You Whipping Out Your Chopsticks

Featured Image Credit: Virago / Facebook

We all have that one friend who is particular about his/her sushi. The best recommendations come from those friends, or the locals. With Taste, locals vote on their favorite places in the Taste App, creating an unbiased list of local favorite restaurants. Set your favorites on the Taste IOS app.

Authentic sushi runs wild in the Nashville area with a ton of interesting and unexpected options to satisfy that lunch, dinner or late night craving. Go the traditional sushi route in certain neighborhoods or try trendy, innovative fusions in others. There is no shortage of sushi places to break open your chopsticks, rub them excitedly together, and dig in with absolute delight.

1. Virago
Virago is not just about the sushi – although the sushi is carefully prepared and delicious. It’s about the thrill you feel once you walk through their doors.The contemporary lounge setting mixed with innovative cuisine makes Virago the number one spot for not only high-class sushi, but a transcendental and exclusive dining experience.

2. PM
This Asian-fusion restaurant is filled to the nines with fresh and authentic cuisine. Located in the trendy Belmont neighborhood, PM caters to all kinds of crowds ready to enjoy a low key evening with a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. If you’re feeling bold, try the sushi pizza or there is always a variety of sushi from their top-notch sushi bar.

3. Samurai Sushi
Samurai Sushi is winning awards right and left for their excellent handmade sushi. Both sushi virgins or veterans will take delight in their inventive flavor pairings. Reviewers suggest trying their Ninza, Crazy, pr Volcano rolls if you haven’t already. Though chances are, if you’re a real local, you already have.

4. Wild Ginger
This family owned restaurant is thriving in Franklin. With a cool mixture of Pan-Asian, South American, and Western cuisine, they fuse together exciting flavors that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. With an ingenious collection of sushi, Wild Ginger is worth making the trek for.Image Credit: Wild Ginger / Facebook

5. Nomzilla Sushi Et. Cetera
Watch out, it’s Nomzilla! He’s come to destroy everything you thought you knew about sushi and reconstructing it into something fresh, creative and unique. It’s always interesting to revisit Nomzilla Sushi Et. Cetera, as they keep coming up with new and exciting concoctions.Image Credit: Nomzilla Sushi Et. Cetera / Facebook

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6 Nashville Restaurants That Will Have you Dreaming of Pizza

Let’s be real: if we could have pizza every night of the week and get away with it, we would. Fortunately, Nashville has no shortage of exciting and authentic pizza joints. From fancy and innovative to mouthwateringly simplistic, Nashville is home to some of the most awe-inspiring pizza artists. Here are the top six of the area, and why they will leave you constantly longing for more. To vote on your favorite places, download the Taste app for IOS.

1. DeSano Pizza Bakery
Finding authentic italian pizza is like finding a needle in a haystack. Sure, places claim to have the perfect pizza pie, but the proof is in that first bite. At DeSano Pizza Bakery, there’s no need to boast. They know what they have and they have it in spades. One look at their Pizza Napoletana being put into their hand-made wood burning oven and it’s obvious why they are number one on our list.

Featured Image Credit: DeSano Pizza Bakery / Facebook

2. Five Points Pizza
Fly from Italy to New York with Five Points Pizza. Large pizza-by-the-slice, stromboli, and entire pies, this pizza joint is thriving with delicious ingredients and a no-frills approach to mouth watering excellence.

3. Two Boots Nashville
Two Boots is nothing if not a party. With weekly concerts, inventive pizzas, and a laid back atmosphere, Two Boots won’t give two bones about who shows up, as long as you love pizza and you want to have an enjoyable time with awesome folks.Image Credit: Two Boots Nashville / Facebook

4. 312 Pizza Company
You haven’t truly lived until you tried a Chicago deep dish pizza. Unfortunately, not everyone can fly to Chicago, especially just for pizza. Luckily, 312 Pizza Company creates a spectacular deep dish. Delighting in quality ingredients while captivating your senses, this place will keep you coming back always and forever.

Image Credit: 312 Pizza Company / Facebook

5. MAFIAoZA’S Pizzeria
You don’t have to be part of the mafia to get the family treatment. In MAFIAoZA’s, you are surrounded by authentic eats, mafia-themed pizza, and a wide selection of beverages. Try the Brass Knuckles with spicy wing sauce, or better yet, The Last Request – filled to the rim with meats, veggies, and jalapenos.Image Credit: MAFIAoZA’S Pizzeria / Facebook

6. Soulshine Pizza Factory
Is there anything more soul-filling than a heavenly slice of pizza? At Soulshine Pizza Factory, the ambience is rocking with the music loft that supports musicians, gourmet pizzas and highly attractive calzones.


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Make Lunch Never Boring Again With These 8 Nashville Hot Spots

Sometimes the chicken salad you made just doesn’t cut it. Don’t worry – in Nashville, there are lunch places that will blow your mind and end the boring lunch game forever. From cheap, delicious tacos to southern comfort food, you’ll be able to impress your boss or yourself over and over again. Here are the top eight places to get an amazing lunch in the city, voted on by locals who were only allowed to pick one favorite place.

1. Baja Burrito
When you think of lunch, what do you think of? The same old tired sandwiches? At Baja Burrito, eating the ultimate burrito with all the delicious inner fixings will change your mind indefinitely. Baja Burrito has salsas galore, an exciting taco bar, great connections to the community, the list goes on and on. What’s their secret? Baja Burrito is wrapped with 100% authentic love for food.

Featured Image Credit: Baja Burrito / Facebook

2. The Smiling Elephant
One of the best thai restaurants around, The Smiling Elephant provides fresh ingredients that make your lunch experience worth every penny. A small cottage like atmosphere filled with friendly faces and generous portions, this lovely thai place is a perfect addition to your weekly lunch routine.

3. Taqueria Del Sol
Taqueria Del Sol is a feast for the eyes. Bright colors everywhere you turn, ordering something here will cause a fiesta to erupt on your tastebuds. Casual yet playful, this lunch joint is the perfect place for reasonably priced, authentic (and fun!) mexican lunch fare.Image Credit: Taqueria Del Sol / Facebook

4. Edley’s Bar-B-Que
Labeled as a “fast-casual eatery”, Edley’s Bar-B-Que may be fast, but does not skip on southern smoked flavors and quality. Among all the smoked pork, brisket or catfish sandwiches, you’ll find a family and community oriented vibe, complete with patio seating and full bar.

Image Credit: Edley’s Bar-B-Que / Facebook

5. Mitchell Delicatessen
Have you been on a never ending quest for the perfect sandwich? The meat to bread ratio, the fresh veggies, the perfect combos: they are all found here at Mitchell Delicatessen. Lunch gives your brain energy for the rest of the day, and Mitchell knows how to deliver satisfaction in multitudes.

Image Credit: Mitchell Delicatessen / Facebook

6. Mas Tacos
See that blue trailer with a giant “Mas Tacos” sign on it? Pull over and check it out. This place is the real deal, and the “Best thing since country music”, according to their website. A fun, effortless party vibe is to be had here, and also delicious, delicious tacos.

7. Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant
If you want to take a business lunch to the next level, Puckett’s may be the ticket to sealing the deal. Originally a 1950’s grocery store, it has now expanded multiple locations with its visually interesting atmosphere, classic southern hospitality and the ultimate southern comfort food.Image Credit: Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant / Facebook

8. Pepperfire Hot Chicken
With words like “fire” and “hot”, the last thing you want to do is get too close. Not the case with Pepperfire Hot Chicken. Starting with Light Mild all the way up to XX Hot for people who can handle the heat, Isaac Beard, owner and founder has perfected the Pepperfire hot chicken recipe and it is now a Nashville favorite.


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Cheers to the Top 9 Drinks That will Quench Your Thirst In Nashville

Honky Tonk Highway isn’t the only place that will sound like music to your ears. Nashville boasts some of the finest bars around. Each showcasing their own unique quirks and grade-A drink options, diving into the Nashville bar scene means you get to enjoy high-quality beverages with the locals. From sophisticated and traditional to ultra laid back, here are the top nine places you can find yourself indulging in a drink in Nashville.

1. The Patterson House
If you’re looking for some southern charm, look no further. The Patterson House has all the bells and whistles for the perfect southern bar. The bartenders are knowledgeable, the atmosphere is old-school exceptional, and the drinks are expertly crafted as an excellent final touch to your night out.

Featured Image Credit: The Patterson House / Facebook

2. Pinewood Social
It’s all in a name.The Pinewood Social stays true to its name with communal tables, a large bar with seating and more. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here, but they have an extensive list of cocktails, beers, wine and spirits.

3. Old Glory
Walking into the Old Glory bar, you’ll be instantly overwhelmed by the stunning historical architecture. Patrons come for the atmosphere and stay for the drinks. They have signature cocktails, homemade ginger ale, and killer appetizers. These ingredients make Old Glory a timeless trendsetter.

4. Urban Cowboy Public House
You cannot leave Nashville without visiting Urban Cowboy. The Public House bar and kitchen is located in the back of highly stylish Bed and Breakfast, oozing with rustic charm with an instagram edge that Nashville is known for.

5. MAFIAoZA’s Nashville
Since 2003, MAFIAoZA’S has been providing New York style pizza for their Nashville neighbors. However, it’s not only pizza that they excel at. MAFIAoZA’s creates beautiful seasonal cocktails as well. With names like Cat’s Meow or Punch Drunk Love, this pizzeria and pub is sticking around for a long time.Image Credit: MAFIAoZA’s Nashville / Facebook

6. Bakersfield Nashville
Need some flavor in your life? Bakersfield – named after a city in Southern California – has a wide selection of tequila, whiskey and delectable tacos to satisfy all of your late night cravings.Image Credit: Bakersfield Nashville / Facebook

7. GRAY’S On Main
Located in historic Franklin, GRAY’S On Main holds the quintessential spirit of Nashville. Hosting bluegrass to indie rock, GRAY’S specializes in supporting the arts and providing top-notch beer, wine, and cocktails.

8. LA Jackson
Want a drink with a view? LA Jackson provides stunning views of downtown Nashville. Situated on top of the Thompson Hotel, this beautiful bar and restaurant has everything you need for an exquisite evening. With a wide selections of wines, and a fun collection of small plates, watching the city at night has never been more perfect.Image Credit: LA Jackson / Facebook

9. Clyde’s On Church
Casual, colorful and fun, Clyde’s on Church has all the ingredients for a relaxing and enjoyable night out. Play a round of ping-pong with your friends, or lounge on one of their sofas scattered around the room while drinking a cold beer. Image Credit: Clyde’s On Church / Facebook

Are we missing your favorite spot to grab a drink? Our lists are unbiased, voted on by locals who get on favorite place. Download the Taste app and let vote on your favorite drink spots.


Top 10 Nashville Dinner Spots That will Thoroughly Impress Your Tastebuds

It’s dinner time in the Music City and there’s no shortage of fantastic and vibrant places to sink your teeth into. Trying to impress a date? Take them to a place that has great ambience, perfect for getting to know each other. Feeling a little adventurous? Step out of your comfort zone and try fresh fusions or deluxe fare, finding things that you wouldn’t think pair well together (but totally do). As the day gets darker, Nashville comes alive, and so will your taste buds. Here are the top ten places, voted on by locals, to enjoy an impressive dinner. Missing your favorite? Download the Taste app for IOS.

1. 5th & Taylor
There is a certain bold elegance when you walk through the doors of 5th & Taylor. Using the giant sculpture of General Francis Nash as a centerpiece, this unique establishment has excellent taste, but more importantly, excellent food. Specializing in American fare, let Chef Daniel Lindley prepare you something refined yet sublime.

Featured Image Credit: 5th & Taylor/ Facebook

2. The Pharmacy
Modeled after an old timey pharmacy of yesteryear, The Pharmacy caters to nostalgia. Get a juicy burger from the burger counter, or try a heavenly beverage from the aptly titled “Soda Shop”. Vintage in feel yet modern in presentation, The Pharmacy prescribes the right kind of medicine for a glorious time.

3. McNamaras
Winning the Certificate of Excellence for 2016 from Tripadvisor only further solidifies McNamara’s Irish Pub as one of the greats. Try authentic irish cuisine like the shepherds pie or irish stew while watching some live music. Hospitality is important here, as it is symbolic of the Irish spirit.

4. Bartaco
Craving street tacos? Bartaco can provide you with more than you’ll ever need. Walk in to Bartaco and you’ll immediately feel like you’re on the coast, drinking a variety of specialty beverages and sampling many of their famous tacos.

5. Two Ten Jack
Whether it’s ramen, izakaya, yakitori or sushi, Two Ten Jack has the knowledge and ingredients to go the distance. Warm and filling, ramen is a cozy winter meal and a real crowd pleaser, while yakitori – skewers of meat and vegetables – will satisfy your carnivorous cravings.

Image Credit: Butcher & Bee / Facebook

6. Butchertown Hall
Mix a traditional german butcher shop and Tex-Mex and what do you get? Something like Butchertown Hall. Here you’ll find a fusion of interesting and unexpected flavor combinations, accompanied by an exceptionally beautiful esthetic and rustic beer garden.

7. Chago’s Cantina
Effortless and fun, Chago’s Cantina is the place for Latin vibes in both cuisine and culture. Located in the heart of Belmont/Hillsboro, this neighborhood establishment is filled with traditional and homemade fare, ready to wake up your tastebuds. Patrons suggest trying the grass fed steak burrito or the Pescado de la Casa.

8. City House
Did someone say pork belly pizza? This distinctive italian restaurant is sophisticated, original and genuinely appetizing. Located in a quaint brick building, impress your date with taking them here to soak up the atmosphere while enjoying an unique pizza experience. Other notable things on the menu include: catfish, bread gnocchi, and smoked brisket sugo.Image Credit: City House / Facebook

9. Lockeland Table
Once a 1930s H.G Hills dry goods store, Lockeland Table renovated the building into its original glory and charm. Traditional American food done right, this place caters to the community, partnering with multiple local markets and donates to the Lockeland Design Center. As a patron, it’s easy to contribute to the cause when there’s cornbread crusted fried gulf oysters or pork and shrimp dumplings on the menu.

10. Bakersfield Nashville
Tacos. Taquila. Whiskey. Is there anything else you need to know? This cool bar and restaurant is authentic Mexican food to the tenth degree, serving flavorful street tacos and a variety of intoxicating beverages to wash it down with.Image Credit: Bakersfield Nashville / Facebook

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